Sham trio

Musical trio established in Berlin consists of three Syrian musicians: Sam, Hasan and Yazan. They started to play music together in Damascus Syria with other friends and musicians, during the war, it was their way to state, that there is still beauty and love in Syria...

  • Events

    -Geneva 1.July.2017
    -Geneva 2.June.2018 Les Athenneenes Festival
    -Berlin 2.November.2018
    -Berlin 15.December.2018 Nachbarschafts Schöneberg
    -Maastricht 27.December.2018
    -Geneva 23.March.2019
    -Klingenberg 25.May.2019 Hoodstock festival
    -Geneva 8.june.2019 Les Athenneenes Festival
    -Sweeden 24.august.2019
    -Zakk - DÜSSELDORF 09.DECEMBER.2021
    -Berlin 26.march.2022 zig zag jazz club

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Who We Are


A friendship started in the theaters , cafes and bars of Damascus , a daily routines , small talks , and common interests created some spiritual harmony between three young guys , after playing with so many other friends , friends who have another paths in life now, after traveling and living in exile for a while , Hasan, Sam and Yazan , established the Sham trio in Berlin in 2017 , to play the music they used to play in their former times , to spread the joyful melodies and rhythms , to deliver the spirituality of their culture and the warmth of its presence , the logo was designed and created in Dubai by Bashar Salloum , the shape of the logo is damascene , and written inside with arabic calligraphy the name SHAM , and each letter represents an instrument of the trio , they are the sons of the sun land , they played many concerts around Europe and in Berlin , having the feeling that this project is their way to express their feelings and their language to lead the hearts to the other side , it might be minutes of music , but for them , its piece of their hearts , a piece of their memory , delivered through notes and beats .